The CRISP Principle: Power of Five®


C+R+I+S+P = $ales
(R + S) + (I +P) = GO
C + R + I + S = VSF
C + I3 + P = NL
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Power of Five®
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The CRISP Principle: Power of Five® is a powerful tool for you to use while marketing your small business. The Power of Five is based on five tactics EVERY business should use for maximum success in its marketing strategy. These tactics should be the core of every business marketing program. They are as follows:
1.      The POWER of Customer relations
2.      The POWER of Referral relations
3.      The POWER of Internet presence
4.      The POWER of Strategic involvements
5.      The POWER of Public relations
The power of customer relations expands beyond customer transactions to mindshare, relationships, personal communication, as well as every aspect associated with serving your customers. Satisfied customers can help your business grow.
The power of referral relations does not only apply to customer referrals, it goes beyond to include your competition, cross promotions and circles of influence. One reason stagnant or no-growth businesses are in this position is due to their lack of utilizing referral relations.
The power of an Internet presence is vital to your businesses growth. Today all high-growth companies and almost every consumer in the marketplace uses internet for communications, operations, and information. The internet should be at the center of your marketing, just as it is the center of the CRISP Principle.
The power of strategic involvements is a powerful tool if you are an active participant not just strategically involved. Your business needs to be involved with the right organization in the right way for the right reasons; this could put your business in direct contact with your ideal target market.
The power of public relations is used in many ways to seek opportunities and position your business through the power of the press and media relations. Your business can gain exposure and credibility.
The Power of Five can bring synergy to your marketing and operational efforts; create a momentum that enables your business to not only ride out the storms, but to ride them out on top. If you think your business is ready to survive and thrive, order 50 Marketing Secrets today to hold in your hands the most powerful marketing tool, CRISP: The Power of Five!