Ground Breaking
Business Results
"Those who were frustrated by and
not seeing the
results they hoped
for were anxious
to learn what they
could be doing differently."
"I knew I had
embarked on a
much needed
initiative when
businesses called
into our office
requesting another
survey to use as a
checklist to base
their strategy on
in the future."
"Just by taking the
survey, many
business owners
realized there
were critical areas of
their business
they had not been
CRISP Principle: The Study
As a marketing consultant and instructor for small business marketing classes, Sherré often hears the same questions from owners: “How do I market my small business?” “Where is my money best spent?” “Why hasn’t what I have been doing worked?” “Where do I begin?”
After about 10 years in business, her marketing services firm adopted and perfected an approach that realized great success for their clients. The problem was, it was just their approach. Sherré became more and more convinced that the marketing industry needed to do a better job at providing businesses with concrete initiatives that could be measured and confirmed.
Sherré believes businesses need to view marketing as an integral part of operations, not as a separate function. Dating back about 11 years ago, Sherré looked within her client base to arrive at how well the companies were doing from a marketing standpoint, specifically looking at companies that were successful and for the most part doing their own marketing. By late 2002, Sherré sent out a 6 page survey she had spent 18 months developing and testing.
In 2004, Sherré released the survey findings and was delighted to validate her marketing approach, now known as The CRISP Principle: Power of Five®. Out of the research Sherré conducted an astounding correlation was found between a company’s growth and the number of CRISP Principles employed.